birkwood is an independent digital venture studio that builds, grows, and sells early-stage software startups.

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Industry-agnostic. B2B/B2I. SaaS.Current projects:TBA Q2 2023Notable past is a powerful AI teaching assistant that helps to lighten teacher workloads and improve educational experiences for everyone. Acquired March 2023.
shoutabout is a media relations and analytics platform that helps founders get unparalleled press and influencer coverage for their projects. Acquired September 2022.


Founded by @barkerdestefano in 2022, birkwood is an independent digital venture studio that launches and validates new startup ideas in rapid succession.Adopting a lean, iterative approach to building new projects, we create MVPs as quickly as possible and let user feedback guide development.Projects that secure initial traction are either adopted into our portfolio or sold to investors.


If you are interested in joining birkwood as a partner or contractor, or if you have a startup idea that you think would fit our model, we'd love to hear from you.Please note that we do not provide funding at this time.

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